Show/Breeding Potential Contract

Refleksion German Shorthaired Pointers
Bill Of Sale & Guarantee
Show or Breeding Potential Dog

BUYER: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ZIP CODE: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

HOME TELEPHONE: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

CELL PHONE: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

DATE OF SALE : _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PURCHASE PRICE: __$1500.00___________________________________________________________________________________________________

REFERRED BY: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

BUYERS VETERINARIAN: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

BREED: ______________________________________GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER__________________________________________________

SEX: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

COLOR: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PLACE OF BIRTH: ______________________________________Perkinston, MS, USA_____________________________________________________


LITTER REG. NO.: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SIRE: __________________________________________________________________________ AKC REG. NO.: ________________________________

DAM: __________________________________________________________________________ AKC REG. NO.: ________________________________

DOG’S MICROCHIP NO.: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

AKC REGISTRATION (certificate or application form) GIVEN? YES: ____________________________ NO:__________________________

REASON WITHHELD: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


YES: ______ NO: ______

If non-breeding/limited is indicated, then breeding registration can be changed to regular AKC registration only by the breeder of record. Limited
means any offspring of this animal are not eligible for AKC registration.
The show or breeding potential dog is an adult dog or pup that goes above and beyond the definition of a pet dog. This animal is purebred and
registerable with the AKC and is free of all disqualifying faults for its particular breed at the time of sale.

It is understood that the puppy/dog will have all health clearances completed, passed and posted to OFA's website, to include OFA Hip/Elbow, OFA Cardiac, OFA Eye, CD, LD, DM, vWDII, D Locus, and HU PRIOR to breeding.
If this dog is to be shown, this dog is no way guaranteed to win in the show ring.  This dog should be shown to the best of its ability.  If it turns out that the dog is unable to acquire his/her championship in the show ring, it must be spayed/neutered prior to replacement with another show quality puppy from a future litter.  The replacement puppy will be from a future litter of the breeders' choice.  Shipping of the replacement puppy will be the buyers responsibility and expense.
It is understood that with proper care on the part of the buyer, in due time the dog should be of acceptable temperament and structure and should embody the basic standards of the breed.
No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as follows:

•The dog is purebred and pedigree is correct and given at time of sale. Dog is registerable with the AKC unless form is withheld per written agreement.

•The health of this animal is guaranteed for 3 (three) working days through examination of a veterinarian at the option and expense of the buyer. If the dog is found to be of unsatisfactory health and written documentation of the condition is presented, the seller shall, provided dog and its registration papers are returned, replace the dog with the next available like prospect or mutually agreeable animal.

__________This animal has no known health problems.

__________This animal has the following known health problems:___________________________________________________________

This animal is guaranteed to be free of hereditary crippling / disabling defects apparent by 36 months of age. Determination of what constitutes a hereditary defect is to be by the unanimous agreement of two (2) veterinarians agreeable to both parties. One of these veterinarians to be a tenured faculty member of an accredited university veterinary teaching hospital or Board Certified in the applicable specialty. Cost of the opinions is to be assumed by the buyer.
Remedy is at breeder’s option and buyer and seller initial.
______ ______Replace with the next available prospect or mutually agreeable animal provided the living dog and its registration papers are returned to seller.

This dog is guaranteed to be of good temperament at time of sale.

Buyer agrees to: Annual veterinary checkups, including heartworm check; to keep all immunizations current according to AVMA guidelines; to properly administer heartworm preventative; dog will not be living outdoors, will not be confined to a rope or chain, and will not be living in a garage.

Breeders recommend owners take their puppy to training classes for the first year of the dog’s life. Puppy Kindergarten class, beginning obedience classes, agility classes or field classes strongly recommended. Show prospects should begin conformation classes at 4 to 5 months of age to prepare puppy for showing. Conformation class can substitute obedience class.

If buyer decides to sell or otherwise dispose of this dog, seller has the right of first refusal and the dog is to be returned to seller at the owner’s expense.

Breeder(s) will be available throughout the whole life of the puppy/dog.

Breeder(s) wishes to be sent updates, pictures and kept up on the progress of the puppy/dog.

We love to see how our puppies are doing.

Buyer agrees to not knowingly sell or dispose of any offspring of this animal to wholesalers, pet shops, or dog dealers. Failure to comply will
void all guarantees.

SELLER: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

DATE: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

BUYER: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

DATE: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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