Below is a sample contract, subject to change.

Refleksion Kennel, reg.

Bill of Sale/Guarantee

I, the undersigned Seller, have on this day, ________________________ sold the herein described _______________________________________________________________________________________, German Shorthaired Pointer, Refleksion’s ______________________________________________________, AKC Reg. _______________/__ whelped on ______________, to the undersigned Buyer for the sum of $__________, of which the Buyer paid $______ down payment and then $__________ to be paid Prior to or at time of pick up.  All shipping fees are the responsibility of the Buyer.  Shipping typically runs around $600.00 with airfare, crate and accessories and health certificate from vet to fly.



Disqualifying Faults

This puppy currently displays no disqualifying faults as documented in the standard provided by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (GSPCA) and adopted by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Nor does this puppy currently display any disqualifying faults as outlined by AKC.

Health Guarantee

The Seller responsibly breeds with the best of ability to ensure that the animal is free of genetic defects.  The animal is guaranteed as follows:

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia: Provided that he or she is screened by the OFA no earlier than 24 months and no later than 28 months of age.

Eyes: Provided that he or she is OFA EYE tested and results submitted to OFA no earlier than 12 months and no later than 16 months of age.

Heart: Provided that he or she is screened by a Cardiologist and results submitted to OFA no earlier than 24 months and no later than 28 months of age.

Lupoid Dermatosis: Provided he or she is tested and results submitted to OFA no later than 12 months of age.

AKC DNA Profile is to be done prior to 6 months of age.

Cone Degeneration: Provided it is completed prior to 12 months of age.

It is agreed that your veterinarian must examine this puppy within 3 days from the date of delivery.

We as the breeders reserve the right to have any puppy we placed come back to us if new owner is not able to keep the dog at any point in his/her life. We will then determine the placement of that dog. All fees associated with returning the puppy are the current owners’ responsibility.

Purchaser Responsibilities:

A)  Keeping this dog up to date on all vaccinations, heart worm & parasite prevention, flea control.
B)  Annual Check-up by a licensed veterinarian.
C)  Maintenance consisting of feeding with a nutritionally stable diet, including meat and supplements when necessary to maintain correct weight (Good flesh cover)  no ribs or hip bones but not overweight either...
D)  Providing whatever training necessary to ensure this dog's physical well being and emotional/social stability.
E)  Maintaining living quarters for this dog in a climate controlled area.
F)  Dog is not to be chained and will not be housed in a kennel run outside the physical residential structure of the purchasers other than for  exercise purposes.
G)  Breeder/Family members will not be held liable for any actions of said dog once it leave the premises.  Purchaser will accept full responsibility of said dog.
H)  Breeder will be notified within 30 days of purchasers change of address or phone number.
I)    Non-compliance results in the Seller’s repossession of the animal and registration without any reimbursement to the Buyer. The Seller reserves the right of visitation at any time of during the life of the dog with 24 hours notice to the Buyer.


The puppy/dog is AKC Registerable and Application papers will be filled out at time of pick-up and sent in by myself to assure the pup is registered.  AKC will send the registrations papers directly to the new owner once the submission has been processed. 

The puppy/dog will be micro chipped at the time of the first puppy vaccinations.

Brokers and Wholesalers

The buyer agrees not to have any affiliation with and/or enter into any business with pet brokers, laboratories or wholesalers with this dog or any other in his or her possession. Proof of this action will result in immediate repossession of the animal by the Seller.

Both the Buyer and Seller attest that they are presently in good standing with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and are not currently under investigation or inquest.


Additional stipulations, terms, agreements, instructions, etc.:

**Puppy has received first shots/worming at ____weeks of age.

**Puppy has been checked at Holland Veterinary Hospital Wiggins/Hattiesburg, MS by Dr. Huffman and found to be __________________________________. **Fecal exam __________________,

**Puppy received monthly Heartworm Medication on (Start at 12 weeks of age).  We highly recommend and use "Interceptor Plus". 

**Puppy has been eating a _______________________________________________ two - three times a day.  Amounts fed change as the pup grows.  Start off with 1 1/2-2 cups two-three times a day, adjust as necessary.

This is a mutual agreement between breeder and purchaser.  All terms and conditions of this agreement are binding and non-negotiable.  Should the terms of this agreement be violated, whether incidentally or deliberately, breeder will pursue options as stated in this agreement to the fullest.  Further, should it become necessary to pursue legal action to fulfill terms of this agreement, purchaser will be held liable for any and all court costs and legal fees, all travel/shipping expenses (transportation, health certificate, vet and shipping container) placement cost, replacement cost, maintenance, boarding, medical and associated miscellaneous cost related to this dog will be the responsibility of the purchaser.  

Should the need arise, the Buyer will return this dog, at the Buyers expense, to Seller(Breeder) if the Buyer can no longer care for the dog. The dog will not be sold or given away to anyone but the Seller(Breeder) where the dog was acquired. At no time will the buyer place the dog for sale on any website or publication, ie…Craigslist, Puppyfind, etc.

If dog is being returned for a congenital health reason, a replacement pup will be given out of the next available litter with no expense except travel to the purchaser.  Original dog will be returned at the discretion of the breeder.  Return of said dog is at the expense of the purchaser.

It is understood that there are no refunds of any kind for any reason. 

By my signature, I affirm that I have read, discussed and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement.  I am aware of and fully understand the possible consequences of breaching this agreement.

I am the legal age of 21 years or my parent or guardian are present.

I/We sign this agreement of my/our own free will and without duress.  

If legal action must be taken, it will be in the state and county of the breeder.


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