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Refleksion Kennel, Inc.  

All puppies will be handled, socialized, loved and crate training started.

A deposit of $150.00/$300.00 is required to hold a particular pup once selected.  Deposits are Non-refundable.  All pups purchased, are guaranteed to be healthy and free of congenital defects at the time of sale.  

All puppies have their tails docked and dew claws removed by 3 days old to the breed standard of leaving 40% +/- of the original length.

Litter is graded at 5 weeks of age to determine Show picks of the litter for males and females and re-evaluated at 7-8 weeks of age to confirm. Picks will be made after final determination of show picks.  I do not guarantee a pup to be show quality.  Nobody can tell definitively at 5-8 weeks how the pup will turn out.  A Show quality puppy will be one that consists of no disqualifying factors at the time of the evaluation. 

Picks of litter are in the order listed on the wait list 
and confirmed once deposits have been received.  Puppies can go home at 9-10 weeks of age. Puppies are vet checked and given first series of vaccinations at 9 weeks old. All puppies will go home with a written health guarantee/contract, feeding instructions, a Litter Certificate, micro-chip information, a puppy package, their first heartworm prevention treatment, a toy and a small bag of food.  AKC Registrations papers will be mailed directly to you from AKC once the online registration of all pups have been submitted to AKC. 

If you are unable to pick up your pup by 10 weeks of age, an additional $5.00/day will be charged for the boarding fee until the pup is picked up, as well as any veterinary expenses such as additional vaccinations, etc.

Pictures of the puppies will be placed on our "Puppy/Litter Page" and on our "Refleksion Kennel" Facebook page when they are born and added as they grow. This will enable prospective buyers to get an idea of which puppy they prefer. Just keep in mind that we try to place pups based on the temperament needed to match the family's needs and not placed based on color alone.

We as the breeders reserve the right to have any puppy we placed come back to us if new owner is not able to keep the dog at any point in his/her life. We will then determine the placement of that dog. All fees associated with returning the puppy are the current owners responsibility.

If your puppy is to be shown and does not turn out to be show quality, or does not pass the OFA health testing, we will replace it with another puppy of equal value, provided the dog has not been bred, and if you are going to keep the dog, it must be spayed/neutered prior to receiving a new puppy.  The buyer will be responsible for all costs associated with getting the new puppy.  If you decided to return the first puppy, you will also be responsible for the cost of returning the puppy to us.  There are NO REFUNDS of any kind.

**Pet/Hunting/Companion puppies with Limited Registration start at $1000.00.

**Show/Performance/Breeding prospects with Full Registration start at $1800.00.

I am willing to change a Limited Registration to a Full Registration upon completion and passing of all required OFA Health Clearances, to include OFA  Hips/Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Eyes, CD, LD, vWdII, DM, HU, D Locus, E Locus and in the case of a black & white pup, K Locus.  Should the buyer decide to go that route, all Clearances must be posted to OFA prior to the registration being changed to Full.  The buyer will also be responsible for paying the difference in the price for Full registrations vs Limited registration, plus the AKC fees associated with changing the registration.

We do accept payment through PayPal provided an additional 5% is added to the total fee to cover PayPal fees.   PayPal email address is refleksiongsps@aol.com.

All puppies sold as "pet/hunting/companions" that will not be shown in conformation events, will be sold with a Limited (Non-Breeding) Registration and must not be bred. Pups from a parent with Limited registration are NOT eligible for registration.

I guarantee the puppy's health for 3 days from day of pick up/shipping.  I do not pay vet bills for any reason.  Please call us if your puppy get sick before you make any decisions.  If the puppy has a hereditary health problem that affects its health, I will replace it with a pup of equal value.  If, at that time, you want to keep the puppy, you would have to prove you had spayed/neutered it prior to receiving a replacement puppy.  Buyer is responsible for any costs associated with getting replacement puppy.  Money is never refunded on a puppy.

Once a puppy is registered with the AKC, owners are entitled to 60 days of introductory Health Care Insurance, AKC Pet Healthcare, and are automatically included in an outreach program designed to enhance the dog-owning experience.

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