March 21 - April 19

Element: Fire
Modality: Cardinal
Ruler: Mars
Symbol: The Ram
Healing Combo: Scorpio and Virgo

Most compatible with: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius

What an Aries dog daydreams about: chasing cars; beating up other dogs twice their size; and being your hero

Keywords: feisty, aggressive, independent, takes the initiative, rowdy, impulsive, Fierce, high-energy, accident-prone

The Personality Snapshot:

The Aries dog wants to be the first dog to do everything.
The Aries dog is both macho and heroic.
The Aries dog hates to be kept waiting.
The Aries dog wants it his way and right away.
The Aries dog has a lot of chutzpah.
The Aries dog jumps in face first.


Bark it like it's Hot:
Like a furry commando on four legs, an Aries dog will dominate, even if he's small. Nothing and no one can intimidate him. A Mars-ruled pup loves to start fights with all the other dog stars: it makes him feel most alive and reminds him how fierce he is. Patience might be a virtue, but the Aries pooch can live without it: let the Taurus doggies have that one. An Aries dog wants instant gratification, treats and rewards — yesterday! His pet peeve is being made to wait. When he wants to go out, he means NOW, so bust a move or he'll punish the daylights of out of you by ruining your carpet or brand new Manolos. If you're looking for the Power Off switch, good luck: the Aries dog doesn't have one. Trust that you've found yourself an energizer bunny variety of dogs. You must supply copious amounts of activity or he'll take all his pent up aggression out on you, your furniture, or on other doggies.

Put up Your Dukes Dog:
Watch how your feisty pup just can't resist picking fights with pooches 10 times his size; he has to prove his own invincibility. Truth is, the Aries dog is a lovable little hothead with all bark and no bite. He's actually just a noisy little bundle of love dying for you to like him. An Aries dog wants to be your hero. He wants to be the first to do and see everything. He wants to impress you by ramming away the annoying competition and forcing his way up to his rightful place: number one, now and forever.

Bark Loudly and Carry a Big Stick:
The Aries dog knows how to use and abuse his woof power — quiet time is so not his thing. Always on the go, even if it's just chasing his own tail, this restless fur ball loves to sniff out the next challenge or competition to prove his status (numero uno or bust). Size and stature is no issue for a warrior dog. Even the smallest amongst the Aries clan would never let size intimidate him. Fiercely defending his honor, he'll step right up to any cocky canine that dares him to a little sidewalk skirmish.

Macho Macho Dog:
If you already own an Aries, you can probably guess that subtlety is not your dog's strong suit. When he's happy, you know it, as he pounces all over you and covers you with licks. If he's had it with your human foibles, get ready to feel the wrath — an out and out doggie tantrum replete with growls, and paw slamming. The goal is to be champ and ruler of the household, neighborhood and dog run. Have mercy on the wuss of a dog that is clueless enough to step up in this macho dog's face, they're going down. You may wonder who is master and who is servant in this relationship. Unless you can hold your own, expect a major role reversal unless you love watching your Rambo pooch pitch a fit every time he doesn't get his way.

My Way or the Highway:
The Aries dog doesn't like to share, play fair, or put up with other dogs if he can help it. Fighting to be number one twenty-four hours a day, this fearless fighter will plow his way to the front of the line and still get away with it because underneath all that bravado, he's still just an innocent little pup. But pity the fool who keeps him waiting. He's in a serious rush to get to the next hot spot first.

While he loves to be the boss, the Aries' impulsiveness needs to be kept in check: he's constantly bumping into furniture or sniffing scary things, or even recklessly thinking he can take on oncoming traffic. Be sure to have plenty of soft-edged, child-proof furniture around your home. Discipline and plenty of exercise is the key for tempering this jazzed up pooch. Teach your Aries puppy how to share and play nice with other doggies early on in life and you'll have fewer battles of the doggie will later on. Wear him out any chance you get so you can sit back and enjoy the innocent and now mellow ram-dog energy. Once exhausted, this bundle of energy is a joy to behold and a delight to have around. No Dog Star is more open, trusting and ready for anything. You can spring anything on an Aries dog and they'll happily jump right in, muzzle first.

If the Aries dog could talk, he or she would say:

Take me out NOW! No NOW, idiot!
I'm counting to ten, and then I'm leaving without you.
I want to be a macho man.

What an Aries dog wants in an owner:

Hot Diggety Human:
Boy, I could sure dig a high-energy human to keep up with my pace. If you should have a pair of num-chucks in case the neighborhood dogs get out of control — even better (devilish grin.) Will you wrestle with me often and always let me win (not that I wouldn't take you out on my own). Please never, never ever make me wait for my walks or liver treats because instant gratification is my middle name. Show your love for me in obvious ways — why not have a tattoo of my name on your biceps in fact? The more you like to shout out your love to me in public, the more I'll bark yours. Blatant displays of worship and admiration of yours truly are highly encouraged.

Bark Your Mind:
I like an owner who says it exactly how he means it and out loud — especially if there's a chance of stirring up a little brawl. If you let me dominate the scene at the dog run without cramping my style, you're a-okay. And please buy me bright red, flashy dog collars with spikes for my birthday. Sleeping is not your thing right? We need to share the belief that life is now or never — there's too many competitions to conquer and medals to be won. You must have enough energy to keep up with me when I dart off after my next conquest. I don't always watch where I'm going and need you to hold the leash when I forget to look both ways before rampaging across the street. I trust that you would never try to tame my fiery spirit with something as scary as obedience training — education is so overrated. I live by sheer instinct and raw energy baby. Life is a battlefield and you and I are comrades in arms.

As fierce and independent as I may seem, I'm also a sucker for grand displays of affection. You'd better give me enough attention so everyone knows I'm your number one priority like doing everything I want when I want it and how I want it. I'll be your hero and I expect you to be mine. You could be a firefighter or a cop, just as long as you let me break the rules and jump the fence. I thrive on danger and need constant excitement. Let's go watch the burning building or look for an accident scene just for kicks. You encourage lots of running around and barking and you'll even rage on with me — the louder you are, the better. I need a child-like owner: stuffy adults need not apply.


April 20 - May 20

Element: Earth
Modality: Fixed
Ruler: Venus
Symbol: Bull
Healing Combo: Libra and Sagittarius

Most compatible with: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

What a Taurus dog daydreams about: snuggling up with you on the couch, under a tree and snacking or chewing on a bone that never seems to end

Keywords: loyal, stubborn, protective, devoted, tenacious, lazy, steady, indulgent, a foodie, simple, strong, predictable, habitual

The Personality Snapshot:

Taurus lives for the good life.
Taurus is the supreme listener and will never get tired of listening to the same stories over and over again.
Taurus is the guru of patience.
Taurus knows that good food comes to those who wait.
Taurus will never let you down.
Taurus is the consummate couch potato.
Taurus cannot be bullied into changing his position on things.
Taurus loves steady routine.
Taurus knows there is nothing worth rushing for.
Taurus needs a slow tempo and a large dog bowl.


Meat and Taters Please:
The perpetually famished Taurus dog may rob you of your stash of Frito-Lay's but his undying devotion to you will also steal your heart away. His loyalty is unmatched: he'll see every obstacle through until the end, no matter how arduous the journey. You would never have to be concerned about the Taurus dog "cheating" on you — it's rare that a Taurus doggie would even take a second look at another potential owner unless, of course, that person happens to own a restaurant.

Super-size Me:
Taurus dogs live for large portions of food — both of the dog and people food varieties. Okay, so they're a little greedy and don't take kindly to sharing their food, but you'd better be prepared to share yours. (Cut them some slack, they have the biggest appetite of the zodiac!) They'll expect to eat whenever you do, so try to plan your meals accordingly to avoid the big bark of this eternally hungry little badger dog. Regularity with scheduling both feeding and walking is key in keeping the Taurus pooch a happy camper. It might be wise to trick your pup into thinking that he is eating more by cutting down portion size and feeding him/her little healthy treats throughout the day. The good news is that this dog possesses plenty of patience and accepts delayed gratification — he can be trained to wait patiently for their regular meal times. The downside is ... should you fall off schedule by even a few minutes the Taurus dog will let you know it in no uncertain terms. The Taurus pooch has no shame when it comes to barking loudly for on-demand feeding.

Couch Potato:
After a good hearty meal, it's siesta time for the Taurus doggie. This dog knows how to max and relax, and was sent to you by the stars to teach you the fine art of doing nothing. The Taurus dog hates to be rushed and even worse to be called the L-word, as in lazy. Lounging is an art form perfected by this Venus-ruled pup. He cannot be pushed into doing anything against his strong will, and should you decide to get all bossy on your little Taurus friend, watch him dig in their heels. He needs gentle coaxing to get from dog bed to food bowl to sidewalk, and get very attached to routine, preferring a steady, predictable day of indulgent rituals like mealtime, treat time, nap time and massage time. You can bet your bottom dollar, this dog will teach you some serious lessons in punctuality.

Take This Walk and Shove It:
While most dogs jump for joy when they hear the word WALK, don't expect your Taurus doggie to have any natural inclination to move from the comfy confines of his dog bed. Taurus dogs are more likely to feign sleep or pretend they don't feel well to avoid changing positions from lying down to standing on all fours. Walking is just another annoying chore to these leisurely pups: exerting themselves is not their idea of a good time. Taurus dogs prefer chewing on their favorite bone or snuggling with you. Exercise schmexercise, what are a few extra pounds? In fact, Taurus doggies look like they're supposed to be a little chubby even in the skinny-minniest of breeds. Watch their happy-dappy doggie spirit dwindle in seconds when you take away Taurus dogs' favorite things. They won't surrender their prized possessions or treats without putting up a major tug-of-war with you either. Taurus dog stars are perhaps the most fiercely stubborn and determined canines of the zodiac. No matter how many hours and dollars you pour into obedience training, these cuties may refuse to learn to respond to "let go." They get very attached to things, and will hold on for dear life. The good news is that they'll never tire of snuggling with you, even if they insist on hogging all the blankets.

If the Taurus dog could talk, he or she would say:

Life is meant for relaxation.
What's the big rush?
Can you please walk a little slower? I'm winded already.

What a Taurus dog wants in an owner:

Do you appreciate good food and just kicking back in your easy chair? If so, you're my kind of mommy or daddy! I can't deal with huffy, pushy humans who lack gentleness and patience. I also don't dig fakes or show-offs, so spare me if you're one of those wannabe poser types. I don't like fluff. I am the real McCoy and I want an owner who is as genuine and down to earth as I am. Y'know, a real meat and potatoes kind of man or woman to call my very own. Okay, so I'm a little possessive over my mommy or daddy. In my heart of hearts, I yearn for that special someone who will spoil me rotten. Oh, and of course it's important that you're the kind of someone who understands the importance of fluffy pillows, a big bone, lots of snacks and endless affection. Furthermore, I, Taurus doggie, expect loyalty because Lord knows I'm going to put every fiber of my canine being into our relationship "till death do us part." Please give me an owner who isn't fickle. I need someone who sees every obstacle through with patience and perseverance, who understands my distaste for change: and that includes changing my dog food, my bed, or my short (key word: short) little walks around the block. Sudden shifts in plans make me insecure and grouchy: I need stability, reliability, and an owner who's solid as a rock. Throwing off my rhythm is the worst thing you can do, so if you're one of those flaky, changeable types, please sign up for some time management course. Otherwise you'll make me so nervous I'll resort to oversleeping or binge eating just to deal with the lack of routine and the chaos. Maybe you should know that I simply do not thrive in mutable environments. Consistency is key. I need the kind of owner I can set my watch by. I need to know that you'll always come through, right on time like you said you would: a true-blue best friend, loyal and devoted to the core.

If you live near the woods, or live in a log cabin, even better. I love trees and nature. At least take me to the park or let me sniff around the flowers at a nearby garden if you don't have one of your own. Flowers make me almost as happy as food. I need fresh air and life at a slower pace than the average dog. I'm not really a city dog because I don't adapt well to all of the hustle and bustle and the lack of greenery. Movers and shakers, and surprises are so not my thing — save them for my Aquarian dog-star cousins. I prefer a rural setting, but if that's not possible, surround me with a tranquil environment and frequent trips to the country. It's important for me to stay grounded. I also prefer if you have a fat bank account because lack of funds does not bode well for my sense of security. If the stash of dog food starts to run low, I may panic so it's advisable to always have an extra supply on hand — it gives me a wonderful sense of that safety blanket I so crave. My deepest, darkest fear is to go hungry.


May 21 - June 21

Element: Air
Modality: Mutable
Ruler: Mercury
Symbol: The Twins
Healing Combo: Capricorn and Scorpio

Most compatible with: Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo

What a Gemini dog daydreams about: Running all over town with you from bookstore to café. Loves a weekend getaway.

Keywords: unpredictable, versatile, smart, sociable, high-energy, curious, easily distracted, restless, dual

The Personality Snapshot:

The Gemini dog wants to run around town with you.
The Gemini dog needs to be in the know.
The Gemini dog wants you to be their twin.
The Gemini dog loves newspapers, magazines, and TV.
The Gemini dog is eternally youthful.
The Gemini dog likes to play games with you and trick you.
The Gemini dog is the ultimate trendsetter of the zoo-diac.


Trains, Planes and Doggie Carriers:
See that charming and youthful looking dog star running around like a planet on speed? Yep, must be a Gemini pup. This magpie of a dog loves to chat it up and gives the phrase "on the go" new meaning. So much to see and do; so little time! So much to say and so few ways to bark it! This is one of the brightest and most adaptable doggies of the zodiac. More than any other sign, they can easily adjust to almost any situation. If you're a jetsetter yourself — jackpot! — because these doggie dilettantes love love love to travel. They are happiest when in transit with their beloved twin star (that's you of course). Whether in a train, car, or airplane, Gemini dogs find travel sheer bliss. This is one dog sign that shouldn't need any doggie tranquilizers. Unless of course there is some kind of odd affliction to their stars. Typical Gem Dog Stars adore nothing more than being in perpetual motion and seeing the world. In case, you haven't noticed, they're also multi-lingual so don't try to sneak anything past them in another language because you simply won't get away with it.

I think, Therefore I Am Dog:
The Gemini Dog Star loves people and quite honestly wishes it could chat it up with everyone over a gin and tonic. Watch the wheels turning in little Gemini dog's head: they're busy dreaming up a million brilliant schemes and tricks to be played on unsuspecting humans. This dog lives for fun and games — especially games. Gemini dogs bore easily because their minds are always on to the next thing; they lose their focus very easily. You'll have to give them plenty of variety to keep their little noggins stimulated — the more happening simultaneously the better. They're even into playing catch and reading a book at the same time. Oh, don't think that they haven't learned to read just because they're of the canine species. If Gemini pups could hold a pen they'd probably write an entire novel. They love to have stories read to them at bedtime, too. If you're not an avid reader, they also enjoy watching television or listening to the radio with you-or both at the same time. Gemini loves music: as long as it's not Muzak, or anything outdated, they'll pretty much dig it and probably dance around the house with you. They're great mimics. They'll even take on some of your mannerisms. They live to entertain and make people laugh. They'll gladly perform tricks, stand on two legs, catch, shake — you name it. And they are perhaps the fastest learners in the doggie zodiac.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Rawhide:
Soon you might begin to notice that this smarty-pants pooch seems to have not one, but at least two rather distinct personalities. Your Gemini pup might even appear to walk in two directions at once — or first to the right and then to left — when they're rambling down the sidewalk sniffing everything and everyone in sight. Why walk in a straight line when zigzag fashion is so much fun? Gemini doesn't want to miss out on anything. You'll soon ask yourself: is this little Gemini child of mine an angel or a devil? One day your little dog star is perfectly innocent, cute, cuddly, full of zing and the next he or she is a holy terror leaving one disaster after another in their wake. This little trickster doggie can't resist a little mischief now and then. They get a thrill out of stealing little objects from other dogs or even you, so if something comes up missing be sure to find out where they keep their loot.

Naughty by Nature:
How boring to have only one persona: it's all about double trouble, double the pleasure with their twin self. Try your best to understand and love both sides equally to prevent the Gemini doggie from going loco on you with a split personality. If you can't play the role of soul mate and twin for your Gemini pup, you might want to consider getting them a little sibling. They feel better with a counterpart, a partner in fun and in crime. If you can't be that for them, they may sneak out of the house to find someone who will. Be sure to always have an ID tag on your wandering pooch because they thrive on getting lost-and they're sneaky enough to escape. Keep them endlessly supplied with toys or their restless minds could easily tempt them into stirring up some trouble like messing up your house or hiding your favorite pair of slippers. Born tricksters, these clever little canines can't resist pulling a few over on their beloved owners now and then.

Which Way Did I Go, Which Way Did I Go?:
The doggie multi-tasker, Gemini pup confuses easily because they are constantly taking in the multifarious stimuli bombarding them from every direction. They don't want to miss a beat. They just have a hard time making up their mind about what they want to sniff, or when they want to eat or which way they want to walk. They will probably defer to you for the answers because all the back and forth, ping-pong volleying in their little doggie brains is too much sometimes. Even if they seem to contradict your wishes, rest assured that you are helping to ease their panic of decision making. It's easier for them to contradict you then to make up their own minds. So just pull in the reigns a little tighter, and watch how you instantly seem to quell their anxiety. All of their running around (even while sleeping they are dreaming of running around), very often keeps these dogs slim no matter how much food they eat. They burn off a lot of calories with their constant hyperactivity. These trendy dogs are style savvy, too. They're born hipsters, setting the trends for the other dogs in the hood to follow. Your Gemini pup could easily end up on the front page of the next chic dog magazine. They were born for the media, darling, and know how to work the camera and an interview like no other dog star except maybe Leo.

If the Gemini dog could talk, he or she would say:

Here I am now — Entertain me!
Let's play hide and seek.
What? Huh?

What a Gemini dog wants in an owner:

Sir Mix-a-lot:
I prefer an owner who likes to mix it up in life: you know, someone who keeps things interesting. I need constant stimulation and gads of fascinating people coming in and out of the house! The more buzz, the better. My owner has to be a lively character who loves to travel and will take me with them (or at least let me sleep in my pet carrier and pretend I am traveling even if it's just in my dreams). I love you if you're cute as a button and smart as a whip: 'cos I am. If you like to go to parties and hang out in cool local spots in our neighborhood — and of course take me with you every time — then you rock.

Me and Mr. A.D.D.:
Do you like to play music and watch television at the same time? Or read magazines and watch television at the same time? Do crossword puzzles, or read out loud? All these things I find immensely comforting. Will you let me multi-task? Can we go roller-skating with our headphones on? Will you take me to see the world? Will you teach me lots of new tricks? You'd better be funny and sly or you'll bore me to tears. I need someone who can love both of my twins. I need someone who doesn't care that I don't walk a straight line in life. You understand the value of going in circles to chase your own tail: just because, just because you can. I admire an owner with a great sense of humor and the charm of eternal youth. If you share my curiosity about life and even like to read the tabloids, I think we'll get on famously.


June 22 - July 22

Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Ruler: Moon
Symbol: Crab
Healing Combo: Aquarius, Sagittarius

Most compatible with: Scorpio. Pisces, Taurus, Virgo

What a Cancer dog daydreams about: Rainy days and snow storms so you'll have no interest in going outside. AMC movie marathons, listening to the radio and watching you smoke your pipe or bake apple pie.

Keywords: sensitive, moody, emotional, intuitive, domestic, shy, touchy, nurturing, protective, needy.

The Personality Snapshot:

Cancer dogs need to be cuddled.
Cancer dogs need to be mommied.
Caner doggies say "home is where the heart is."
Cancers dogs need home-cooked food.
Cancer dogs need you to remember their birthday and your anniversary.
Cancer dogs have memories like an elephant-they never forget.
Cancer dogs are extremely sensitive to harsh words-so speak sweetly and softly.
Cancer dogs don't always like other dogs unless they're equally as sensitive.


You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore:
The most sensitive and nurturing of all dogs. They have a tough shell exterior but that's simply to protect their vulnerable little hearts. They want to take care of you but be babied in return. Like their symbol, the crab, Cancer doggies will never approach matters directly but will sidle up to you with subtle hints that they need something. They're home-loving pups and soooo keenly sensitive to their environment that if you live in a dump or austere flat then start decorating they'll be forced to run away from home. This domestic doggie needs to be treated like a true and cherished member of the family — not just some pet relegated to a dog house or crate. This dog is not only sensitive but borders on psychic. They feel when you're going to leave them for your vacation even if you leave no clues. They'll even run and hide when they feel a vet trip in the near future — even though you've given no indication that you've booked an appointment.

C.D. (Cancer Dog) Phone Home:
This doggie is more than just a lover of all things domestic — they are fervently attached to their home. It takes a lot to convince them that there is anything worth leaving their little sanctuaries for. If they could live under a blanket away from all loud noises, people and other doggies they probably would. They'd hope you would share this home-loving sensibility and feel it utterly unnecessary to go out. They can't stand to see you leave the home, and wait anxiously for your return. Their favorite times are cozy nights spent at home with you. They love affection from you but can't stand stranger's touching them let alone grooming them — especially if they're rough or aggressive. Cancer stars are so shy and sensitive on first meeting and may surprise you by how antisocial they can be. Other than their immediate family, Cancer puppies really don't care for strangers all that much. They'll be utterly traumatized if you throw them into a dog run with a bunch of brutish types. They need to be around other sensitive and caring souls who approach gently and with caution. Overzealousness makes their fur crawl.

Memories, Like the Corners of My Mind:
This dog has a memory like an elephant and expects you to have the same. Especially when it comes to remembering their birthday or the anniversary of the day you brought your baby home. Be sensitive to shower them with plenty of reassurance and make them feel safe and secure knowing that you'll never leave their side for long. They have an abandonment complex after all. They'll be unduly traumatized for life if you raise your voice or even yank their leash too hard out of impatience. Things that might just roll of another dog star's back will leave deep scars for life on your thin-skinned Cancer doggie. And they may forgive, but they never ever forget.

Looney Tunes:
Cancer dog stars are ruled by the moon, which might explain their frequent lunatic-like outbursts. Your friends and neighbors will undoubtedly marvel at the odd ball behavior of your Cancer pooch — wondering where on earth you ever got such a loose-cannon creature. Just make sure they don't insult your hypersensitive pooch because the Cancer dog star's feelings are so easily hurt. You'll have to get used to the way your moon-ruled pup exhibits even stranger behaviors on the full moon. They may even start howling for no reason or suddenly start wolfing down their dog food on those nights. Or maybe they simply run around the house like a possessed little freak for no apparent reason. Blame it on La Luna.

If the Cancer dog could talk, he or she would say:

That hurt my feelings
I don't want leftovers — I want the special people food that you're eating.
You forgot our anniversary!

What a Cancer dog wants in an owner:

I want someone to treat me like their little baby and make me feel I am really the most cherished member of the entire family. If you have a baby already, I will be so jealous because I want to be the child of the family. I need nurturing! I want someone who hates to leave home for any extended period of time. And don't try to fool me by packing at the last minute, because I'll sense if you're leaving days before. Puleeez, don't abandon me or I could easily develop digestive issues. The more domestic and home-loving you are, the more my little Cancerian soul will feel assured. It's all about security lest my fur start falling out. I really need a sensitive owner who has the kind of loving care a doting Grandparent gives their favorite grandchild. I'd prefer if you wouldn't bring strangers around the house and expect me to interact with them in some extroverted way. Ain't happening friend — I don't like sharing my house or my owner with new people — my place my space! I want us to hide out together in our quiet little sanctuary — safely away from the battering of the cruel outside world. And why do you have to bring any outsiders in? It makes me way uncomfortable, I'll have you know. I don't warm up to others that easily. It takes time and I have to trust before I'll be willing to come out of my furry shell.

Healthy Pleasures:
Oh, and I'd like an owner who uses all natural cleaning and grooming products because I have a very delicate system. Chemicals make me ill. I prefer natural doggie food too as artificial ingredients could easily lead to major health issues because I just mentioned, I've got a sensitive constitution. I'm also a very finicky eater, so if I don't like my dog food, I won't eat it.

Barking at the Moon:
I want someone who likes to go for long walks on the full moon and won't mind if I display my whacky lunar tendencies when the moon is full. If you're into moon worship or Wicca, you'll totally rock my world. When the moon is new, I'm usually at my lowest energy. When it's waxing, I may actually agree to leave the house once in awhile. When it is full, look out! I may need to do laps around the house and then bark like a psycho for the fun of it. When the moon is waning, I need my space and extra sleep time. Keeping in tune with the moon phases is key if you want to understand my whacky, lunar nature. My little doggie moods ebb and flow in accordance with the big silver ball in the sky.


July 23 - August 22

Element: Fire
Modality: Fixed
Ruler: Sun
Symbol: The Lion
Healing Combo: Capricorn and Pisces

Most compatible with: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra

What a Leo dog daydreams about: Starring in their own movie; becoming a rock star; being chased by the Paparazzi; starting their own doggie clothing line; performing in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Keywords: regal, dramatic, confident, show-off, proud, star-quality, open-hearted, generous, larger than life, bold, demanding, diva

The Personality Snapshot:

The Leo dog needs an audience.
The Leo dog lives for the limelight.
The Leo dog loves affection, attention, praise and a big fan club.
The Leo dog needs to live a 5-star lifestyle like the royalty she is.
The Leo dog needs to be adored.
The Leo dog needs to rule your world.


Strike a Pose:
This is the superstar of the Zodiac: and don't you forget it! The Leo dog likes to strut. She'll knock your socks off, whether she's performing or just looking as regal and mega-sophisticated as the Sphinx. Notice how she sits with unmatched elegance. The Leo Dog Star is the biggest show-off of the zodiac. A Natural ham, she never gets enough time in the spotlight. The best way to feed her puffed-up pride is by showering her with compliments, attention, affection and praise; and she'll take second helpings on that. Too much is never enough for this Diva doggie. Love and adoration are better than all the Greenies and Liver snacks put together. Be sure to treat this dog like Hollywood royalty; lavish him/her in luxury items; five star accommodations, and adorn them from head to toe in diamonds. Leo is the true show dog of the zodiac and the world is their audience. They'll sashay down the sidewalk like a supermodel whether it's an official contest or not. Leo dogs are fabulous with children because they love, love, love to play. But just don't expect them to graciously share the limelight with the kids. They need to be the center of attention 24-7, baby. They'll slobber you with kisses and wags galore because this A-list dog has a heart of gold.

I Am Dog Hear Me Bark:
The Leo Dog Star commands respect if not an altar upon which you vow to fervently worship her like the deity she is. Should you fail to pay her the proper respect, don't be surprised if she deals you some serious shade. Leo has a lot of pride to protect; she bruises as easily as she shines. If you neglect to pay attention to your Leo star — or worse yet — ignore her when she's showing off for you, it's like you've stolen the sunshine. This spoiled pup thrives on your adoration and affection; there's no such thing as too much. She has a heart of gold and would give you her last bone to prove her undying devotion. The Leo diva wants only the best. She'll have no qualms telling you if she finds the surroundings beneath her high standards. Should you feed her measly can food instead of cooking her a filet mignon, she'll throw a serious royal tantrum. Would you treat a royal Dog Star like that?

If the Leo dog could talk, he or she would say:

Get my agent on the phone!
Let's have a ball, gourmet treats on ME! Mom, share my treats with everyone please!
I'm ready for my close up.

What a Leo dog wants in an owner:

Requirement number one: you're into pet worship. Requirement number two: you like to live luxe. Requirement number three: the world revolves around moi. And that's just for starters. I need someone who is part owner/part agent/part fan club. You know how to hook me up with a personal chef, my own private dressing room, plush dog bed, fabulous wardrobe and glamorous beauty products. You'll take the time to get to know what my favorites are and always have them on hand: like my favorite doggie shampoo, treats and toys. If you're a cheapie or a tightwad, you'll offend my sensibilities. I need you to understand that I have champagne taste; a beer bottle budget won't cut it. We're so not happening. If your idea of fashion is some rag you bought from a garage sale, please don't expect me to be seen with you in public. I'd rather die. Okay, so I'm a bit of a drama queen: but you love that about me.